‘Fun Palaces’ is an annual, free, nationwide celebration of arts and culture, driven by localism, innovation and engagement. Celebrating the life and work of Joan Littlewood, and in particular the vision she shared with Cedric Price for the creation of a ‘Fun Palace’ – a space where arts and sciences meet – Fun Palaces sees Makers across the country create their own ‘pop-up’ version of a Fun Palace.

On Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 October 2014, 138 Fun Palaces took place across the UK and eight other nations, created by 3183 local people, with 40,000+ people participating.

Fun Palaces is an ongoing campaign that says arts and sciences, all culture, is a crucial part of community life. Our annual weekend of action – the first weekend in October – shouts, sings, shimmies, and stomps this message from the rooftops, the village greens, the libraries, schools, shopfronts, forest dells, opera houses and swimming pools – community as the grassroots of culture and culture as the heart of community.