This year we will be focusing primarily upon early years and young people to assist their development and love of reading. We think it’s important that the library be a space that not only provides books but also helps individuals engage with stories on a broader scale.

For small children and new families, there will be events encouraging parent/child engagement through reading activity. Not only will these events help in the preparation for school readiness, they are also fun for all involved. Encouraging teenagers to continue reading for fun can be difficult in the midst of apps and video games, but through Manchester Libraries and schools alike we aim to emphasise that books are just as cool!

And no matter what your age, we hope you’ll get involved with our TAKE 10 approach. Simple in it’s goal perhaps, this is one of the most effective ways in making your day a more positive one. Whether your choice be Dickens or Dahl, make sure to treat yourself to a chapter or two.

Links Of Note:

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