Manchester Libraries and Archives+ were Proud2Bee part of Rainbow Playground.  A  day-long (national) festival celebrating all things LGBT+ for young people. Coordinated and led by Manchester’s Proudtrust (LGBT+ Youth) in response to young LGBT+ people’s desire to have a more relevant and young personed focused celebration for Pride. We took along our digital equipment (iPads, microphones, greenscreens and tripods etc) providing a platform for young people to make a film.

The film looked at why it was important to have events such as Rainbow Playground and Pride. The interviews were conducted and devised by young people using a mixture of green screen backgrounds from Archives+ photographs showing  Manchester Section 28 demos and the like. These were then edited in a race against time to be shown at the Rainbow Playground after party at the Home cinema. It was amazing to see the film on a big screen and be part of such a humbling experience listening to the voices of this generation’s LGBT+ young people and the people who work with them. History in the making!!

Check out their fantastic film.