Manchester Libraries continue to expand and improve the number of digital services available to library users.

Thousands of new users benefit from Manchester’s extensive free collection of e-books and e-audio books but do you know that we also have an online E service called Transparent Language? Transparent Language is an online learning package offering more than 100 language courses.

The package offers over 90 foreign language courses and more than 25 courses for English learners delivered in their own first language.

These simple to use courses will suit all learners from beginner through to A-Level standard. Users can learn as many languages as they like, at their own pace and can sync each course across a range of devices.

These simple to use courses can be enjoyed by an unlimited number of users, at any one time, making this an ideal resource for ESOL classes or community groups.

So, if you have ever promised yourself to learn a new language or a few phrases for your next holiday destination then now is your chance!

For more information about Manchester’s libraries visit the Language Course section of our website