As the dust from the digital revolution thrust upon us over the last ten years begins to settle, the grass roots of the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs begin to sprout.

Founded by Nik Nagarkar of the internationally critically acclaimed grime and dubstep collective Virus Syndicate, EY3 Media was birthed as a record company out of the heart of the underground grime and dubstep scene to go on to become one of the leading 360 creative and digital agencies in the UK.

Nik Nagarkar will talk us through the unusual journey from the underground music industry into the blue chip corporate boardroom, the challenges of juggling an international touring and recording schedule with running a creative agency that has doubled in turnover every year for the past three years and the opportunities the landscape of the new world holds for young creatives and entrepreneurs.

This multimedia event is not to be missed. A business seminar like you’ve never seen or experienced before! Get your tickets here: