Here’s a story from one of our customers about how libraries continue to change lives.

‘For the last couple of years I have had difficulty reading some books especially those with small print. I have not finished quite a few library books and at one point I left my local reading group in frustration!

I saw an advert on the Manchester Libraries e-newsletter that I could access e-audio books on my Android mobile phone and Amazon tablet for free. So I followed the link and have without too much angst managed to  download the Borrowbox App and was able to downloaded my first audiobook .

Hey Presto, the e-audiobook is spoken very clearly. I can forward and backtrack and I can speed the speech or slow it down.

I can also download 5 other audio books  at the same time if I want to. What a marvellous boon for those of us with poor eyesight! Can’t wait to get listening! ‘

How to access Borrowbox

You can download e-books and e-audio books for free from Borrowbox. There are thousands to choose from including the latest best-sellers and much loved classics.

If you don’t have a Manchester Libraries card but still want to borrow our e-books and e-audio books the very kind people at Borrowbox have a solution!

You can now sign up to download e-books and e-audio books via Borrowbox without needing to visit the library.

Register here.

Just use the temporary library number you are given when opening up their site. You can then read books on your computer or PC or mobile device or tablet.