‘Send Joy’ is a project that was launched by Creative City on 6th April inviting everyone to create a work of art to be sent to Manchester’s older residents. Creative City is a non-profit organisation that uses the arts to support individuals and communities to grow 

With so many people having to self-isolate due to the Coronavirus the aim of the project is to create inspirational artwork that will brighten a person’s day. Use your imagination to create something joyful whether that is through drawing, painting, collage, letter writing, poetry or a short story

Seven retirement homes are already involved in the project and are very enthusiastic about receiving pieces for their residents. It is hoped that more homes and community groups will be included if enough people support the project by making joyful works of art.

In this time when people across the city are staying at home to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect the NHS, the project is a great opportunity to be creative and send out a positive message. As well as the impact on the person receiving the artwork it is also well known that there are huge benefits for the wellbeing of the person creating the work. 

It’s a Win-Win situation so put on your creative hat and make a difference!

The criteria for work are

  • must be upbeat & motivational
  • A4 size is best
  • Either create it digitally, or physically and take a good photo
  • Use your imagination – poems, drawings, paintings and letters welcome 
  • Be respectful
  • Creatives of all ages are welcome to take part
  • Put your first name on it (but don’t include surnames or addresses on the artwork)
  • Email it as an attachment to hello@creativecity.org.uk

For people wanting some inspiration to get started Creative City are running virtual ‘Create Together’ sessions – a place to share ideas and get support & encouragement. The first of these is on Saturday 18th April at 3.00pm – sign up on Eventbrite at https://createtogether1.eventbrite.co.uk