Many people will have seen the Maker Community coming together to “hack” solutions during the Coronavirus pandemic. Examples of this include 3D printing ventilator parts to protective headgear for health and care workers.

The Business & IP Centre in Central Library is putting their 3D printer to good use by printing parts for this purpose. The team has been working with a local engineer to produce face protection for GPs and people working in social care in need of PPE as part of the Covid-19 Face Shield Volunteer Initiative for the NHS.

The Manchester Evening News has picked up on the story and featured it in the paper which you can read here!

It’s a simple design that can be printed in about 90 minutes, then an acetate sheet is fitted to protect the face. The design can be found online and is being widely used around the world.  We’ve collaborated with local engineer Nik Sheppard, who mobilised very quickly to source equipment and resources. You can find out more at his Shielding Stockport Facebook page. Nik has been working with local GPs to distribute the masks.

We’re using these two designs – the files are freely available for anyone to download.

To make this happen, Tiernan Newell a member of the team, has set up the printer at home temporarily as it requires changing over after each print. He’s working tirelessly to keep the process running throughout the day and night. He is also using his own printer that he built, so we can double the output.

It’s early days and we’re still getting organised but hope to be able to produce around 20 sets a day, feeding into a Covid-response group of GPs.

3D Printing vs coronavirus

3D printing is making headlines currently in the fight against Coronavirus,
Here are some of the best stories we’ve heard so far, and how you and your 3D printer can get involved!

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3D printing in Industry.

3D printers are used by countless industry sectors for a variety of reasons,
The ability to design and quickly produce custom parts and items without the need of other production costs is invaluable for many reasons.

Rapid prototyping for new products or designs for manufacturing

Ability to create custom designs for customer products

3D printing bespoke prothstetics for medical patients

3D printing as a business, Selling the items you produce directly.