Sue’s hearts
Never one to miss a creative opportunity, Gorton Library manager, Sue has been keeping busy not only recording craft videos for youngsters and their parents but she’s also developed a fantastic and beautiful creative project. It looks forward to the time when libraries can safely open their doors to welcome in customers again.
Sue recently came across a completed DIY heart craft project that had been given to her by a friend and colleague. Whilst all the fabric had been used she realised she still had the heart template…. and got to thinking… ” I’ve got lots of ends of fabric in the loft so why not put it to good use?” Sue said that she’d been inspired to make fabric hearts for the people around her that she loves,  friends, colleagues, and the Gorton Library community, that she’s been missing on a daily basis.
“I have kept in contact through various media with my community groups and have built even stronger bonds.
My plan…when I get back into the library is to create a tree, where I’ll hang these hearts so that every customer can take one away on their first visit back to their community Hub and home. So far I’ve made 50, my goal is 100!! ” 
We love these hearts Sue and the way you’ve put your caring for your community into such beautiful hearts.