It’s hard being in lockdown. Library folk particularly,  find it hard. Our days are usually spent with both customers and our teams. We enjoy people, we like to be able to help you, whether it’s finding “that book by that author… you know who wrote that book about”… or it’s showing you how to use the wifi printer, where the books about ancient Romans are, how to log on to your computer, reminding you what your pin number is or perhaps we’re talking to our community partners about the next big community event. Through it all, we’re always communicating, with each other and with you! Then suddenly like the rest of the world, we’re doing what we do in isolation!

Born of this isolation and our need to communicate with our community and the wider world., barriers have come down, creativity and quirk have blossomed. We share our sitting rooms, kitchen tables, pets, and even children get in the act of communicating with you… this is what we do.

We’ve missed you, our customers, our partners, and our teammates. We’ve missed the everyday ease of conversations, shared thoughts, laughs, and at times comforting words.

So here are your Manchester Libraries staff team, in a wee film that we made for you and each other. Here we all are from the smiling familiar faces that you see regularly to those behind the scenes, managing book stock, creating events, keeping buildings safe, computers working, business support ongoing ….. Hello!