Manya Alkhari studied sculpture at the High Institute of Applied Arts in Damascus, Syria. After spending some time as a sculptor there she came to Manchester University and obtained a degree in contemporary art practice. She works in many mediums and enjoys exploring different materials, with wood as her favourite. Nature is her main source of inspiration with all of its textures and colours, through which she expresses her feelings.
In 2017 she joined the Syrian festival to deliver two workshops, something she did again in 2018 and 2020.

Manya joined a group of international women artists based in Manchester in 2018 and delivered more projects with them. She was thrilled to be part of Alice Kettle’s Thread Bearing Witness project at the Whitworth Art Gallery in 2018. She has worked on multiple other projects since with many other artists.
Manya started working with Manchester Libraries this year when she delivered a clay portrait workshop at International Mother Language Day celebrations at Longsight Library.

She has also been working recently on a project in support of PETA, and worked on a set of workshops to be delivered in schools for universal Children’s Day.
The arrival of lockdown has had a huge effect on all aspects of her work. She has lost access to her University workspace. For this reason the chance to work again with libraries on delivering a workshop has been very welcome.