Anne is one of our own extremely talented Manchester Libraries staff! Enjoy her brand-new story which she has written, illustrated and now reads exclusively for us. Meet our old friend Nutty on his new adventures in A Dizzy Whizzy Christmas:

Anne Sharp used lockdown to start realising her dream of writing a children’s book! This is what Anne had to say: 

“I have had the idea to write a story about Nutty Duffin for a few years now. Nutty and Wilson are my son, Owen’s, childhood rabbits and Nutty has been on many an outing with us over the years. I’m sure he thought his adventures were over as Owen is 13 now and surprisingly doesn’t want to take Nutty out anymore! 

When we entered lockdown, library staff were encouraged to record a craft activity or read a story to support the digital offer to our customers. The problem we encountered was not being able to leave the stories online due to publishing rights. I wrote A Day Around the World about Nutty and Wilson having an adventure around the house, as they were unable to go out. The process involved filming Nutty and Wilson in different scenarios and replicating the images in an illustration.”

With support from her managers Anne has gone on to write Nutty Duffin’s Rabbit Surprise and we’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas with A Dizzy Whizzy Christmas!