This week is National Get Online Week. There are lots of events taking place within your local area and we have plenty to share with you! 

We need to end digital exclusion and that’s why we’re working hard as a partnership across Manchester to bring digital equity to all.  

For those of you who are hearing about the digital inclusion agenda and the challenge that we have in the city for the first time – there are still too many people who are experiencing digital poverty, unable to get online and participate in the increasingly digital world we live in.  

Manchester City Council have for the past 2 years coordinated a number of initiatives to support others to raise efforts across the city to support more Manchester residents to get online and stay online so that they can improve their wellbeing, independence and reach their ambitions as digital citizens. 

Today, on the first day of Get Online Week 2021 and during the Greater Manchester’s Digitober, the Digital Inclusion Team are launching the Let’s Get Digital campaign!  

In a nutshell, the campaign has been created to give us a citywide collective voice and vision. The campaign is being shared via its very own website, where stakeholders access useful information; find out how to get involved; celebrating the energy, current learning offers, approaches and partnerships that are already making a huge impact. We want to raise more awareness of the challenges and very different barriers that lots of residents have, regardless of their motivations, in their way of becoming digital citizens. 

Over the next week, you’ll find things on the website such as –   

  • Campaign guidance to help to create and adapt your own flyers 
  • A link to the Manchester Digital Exclusion Index (mapping risk of exclusion in Manchester) with a supporting User Guide and How to Video. 
  • Inspirational stories from learners and partner organisations  
  • The 2021 Highlights Report – providing a snapshot of what has been coordinated in the city over the past 2 years. 
  • Information on the refurbished device scheme commission & it’s specification 

We have loved the experience of working with the agency Creative Concern to design the Let’s Get Digital Campaign and hope that you all agree the campaign gives the city a shared voice. It describes the emotion and drive we all have, while working hard to make sure everyone in the city has affordable access to data and kit. We want to support all residents in their own time to take steps to learn, further develop their digital skills, increase their confidence and flourish and in the digital world, with no one left behind. 

As part of this campaign launch, The Digital Inclusion Team and Manchester Adult Education Service will also be hosting several Digital Upskill Sessions across Manchester Libraries throughout the week. If you feel like you would benefit from attending on of our sessions, please call in. Below are the time and dates we’re attending the libraries: 

If you feel like you need a helping hand to get digital or want to help a customer, colleague, friend, or family member just text 07860 064128 or email with their name and the area of Manchester they live in, and we can offer free and friendly support to help them get online.   

Or to work with us or find out more about our offers and plans for the coming months please have a look at the Let’s Get Digital website or get in contact by email – 

We’ll be in touch with you with more updates throughout the week!  

From your Digital Inclusion Team.