Digital Inclusion Case Study Kiara  

Kiara is a digitally excluded resident in her 30’s located in East Manchester. She was referred into the device scheme by One Manchester after moving property to escape an abusive relationship and is feeling very lonely and felt she would benefit hugely from getting a device with internet access.  

Even though Kiara was a qualified computer engineer in India before moving to Manchester 3 years ago. Since COVID-19 she’s been struggling to apply for a job, as she doesn’t have internet access on her phone and no other electronic device. She has been very anxious to leave the house, she didn’t want to access a device at the library.  

Since providing Kiara a Chromebook, she said “it’s been life changing for me and my daughter”. Kiara has been able to apply for dozens of jobs and even had 3 online job interviews whilst her daughter is in school. Then in the evenings, her daughter uses it to complete her homework and catch up with schoolmates.  

Kiara is multilingual and knows how to use the device very well but just never had access to a device. She is now a Digital Support Volunteer and helping Digitally excluded residents across Manchester from all different ages and backgrounds