Margaret is a digitally excluded resident in her 70’s from North Manchester. Due to Margaret’s disabilities, she is currently housebound and has been very socially isolated during COVID-19. The only time she’s been able to see her children is when her son travels from Oldham to do her weekly shopping.  

Although Margaret has a smartphone, due to the size of her phone and having chronic arthritis she finds it difficult to use and hates ringing people from it so the only time she communicates with her friends and family is when they ring her. Over the last 18 months this has left her feeling down and lonely.  

Prior to COVID-19 Margaret wasn’t housebound and was in contact connection with her children so she never felt the need to be digitally included. After getting a tablet with the internet she’s felt a new lease of life, quoting “I won’t feel as lonely now, they’re only one press of a button away”. Once she first got it, her son set it up for her and got her on Facebook. She’s been able to communicate with her friends and videocall her family in Blackpool.  

She is now starting to understand how the device works and has even attempted to do an online shop over the last few weeks due to her son not being able to visit.