Eve, Kitty and their friends have just come back from their trip, when a sudden death occurs. To make matters worse, their enemies, Hailey and Monique, are on their tails. Will they find out what has happened and reveal it in time? 

A chance encounter and conversation in Longsight Library led to 13 yr old, Gorton resident, Ifechukwu Ejiofor’s book “The Dare of Death” becoming part of Manchester Library’s catalogue.  

Lockdown 2020 found Ifechukwu BORED and at a loss to what to do with herself. She’s always loved creative writing and thought now might be the time. Fast forward to the present and she’s in the library with her self-published novel. We were so excited to be able to stock it.  

The book is Crime/Mystery Genre and is a quickish read. Ifechukwu told me “I really love, creative writing and I always wanted to find a way to put it out there. I also wanted it to be short as it is for people to be more encouraged to read, as people my age tend not to read as much as when they were younger.” Certainly not the case for Ifechukwu though as she estimated she’s read at least 200 books. Her family are regular library borrowers and I reckon that 200 may be an under-estimate!.

On publishing, Ifechukwu had this to say. “Getting it published took a while to get my head around. I started with writing letters to literary agents, to see if they could send my manuscript (my story) to publishers, but I soon figured that this would be a long and tiring process, and I just couldn’t wait to get my book published and go from being on a Word document, to being in the actual format of a book!” So this bright spark did her research discovered a popular online self publishing website. 72 hrs later it was complete. Both hard copy and eBook could now be purchased.

“It’s a privilege to see my manuscript in person, and if you ever want to be an author, I recommend doing so! It s fun thinking of a plot line and being able to put all your ideas into a book!”

I fully expected Ifechukwu, who’s now on her second novel, to tell me that she wanted to develop a career as an Author as she grew older. Nope her plans are to study medicine and become a pediatrician. She’ll definitely be brilliant at whatever she turns her focus to!!