The life of Stephen Lawrence was remembered and celebrated at Longsight Library. The afternoon was filled with a gentle spirit of kindness and joy as children, young people and adults participated in a variety of activities that were designed to support all #LiveOurBestLife.

Artist Tina Ramos Ekongo, had been in the library in the days leading up to the event, creating a Stephen Lawrence Mural that was completed by library families and adults. They added messages to the leaves of the tree and pictures of Stephen Lawrence spelling the word LOVE.

Poet Ruth Awolola, from the Manchester Poetry Library at Manchester Metropolitan University led a fantastic poetry workshop. The prompts used, encouraged participants to reflect on their courageous selves. Ruth had a group of young people who got so completely caught up in their creativity that they spent the afternoon at her workshop.

Ruth & Hema, library Staff who deliver story sessions in different parts of the city, teamed up to deliver a special story session with the book Astrogirl by Ken Wilson-Max. This book is one of the many featured in the “See Myself In Books” collection.

Artist Emma Martin @BuildBridgeArt and her daughter Tam worked with children and young people to make an exquisite City of Dreams, prompted by Stephen Lawrence’s desire to become an architect. The drawings and writing of participants dreams were once completed sliced into varying sizes then rolled and glued together to create a beautiful architectural structure.

Other activities included the making of friendship bracelets and badges that conveyed the dreams that children have as they grew up.

A set of the portraits that were developed by the artist and were shared with other libraries for pop up activities on the day.

Stephen Lawrence Day at Longsight Library was designed, developed and delivered by some of the Manchester Library staff city-wide who are actively involved in tacking racism.

Thanks to the Stephen Lawrence Foundation for providing great resources and inspiration for the day!