The latest government figures show that there are now 87,000 Ukrainian refugees in the UK. With 136,000 visas issued this figure will grow by at least 50,000 in the coming weeks and months.

Almost all of these are women and children as men between 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave the Ukraine. This must be a very scary and unsettling time for these women and children who are having to mix into a new culture and society, children starting new schools not knowing the language without the comfort and support of their dads or friends.

Transparent Language has moved quickly to help address this problem and make the transition to living in the UK just that little bit easier. They have developed an ESL course for Ukrainians wanting to learn English.

There is also a course for English people who want to learn Ukrainian which is extremely important for the 92000 homes to date who have agreed to sponsor Ukrainian refugees.

If you have a Manchester Libraries card you can access all Transparent Language courses for FREE

Here’s how to download and set up the app on and Android phone.

Here’s how to download it to an Apple iOS.

You can also use the web based version here.