We are excited to announce a new arrival at Central Library – a brand new listening desk! You can’t really miss it. Listening Desk is an interactive sound sculpture that invites people to listen to recordings from sound archives and get creative with them by making their own soundscapes. It is inspired by historic listening devices and instruments.

The Listening Desks were created by Emily Peasgood Studio in collaboration with The British Library and eight partner institutions across the UK and is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Children playing on Emily Peasgood’s Listening Desk. Image by Jennifer Peasgood, 9 February 2023.

Our listening desk features recordings from around the North West region that have been preserved by the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project. You can play short sound clips and mix them together into you own soundscape.

Listen to some of the twenty sound clips you can play with on the desk at the North West Sound Heritage website!

Some of these interviews and radio shows have been published in full at The British Library Sounds website.