MCR Libraries are helping to foster digitally confident communities! By working with the Council’s Let’s Get Digital team, your local library has become a digital hub that can help you get the support you need.

Free sims with internet access

So far, we have helped over 700 people get online by providing them with free sims loaded with internet data. If you need help getting online, or using your phone to do the things you need to do, then pop into a library and ask for a free sim with internet access.

These sims have been donated by ISPs such as Vodafone, Three and O2 to become part of the National Databank organised by Good Things Foundation and can give you at least 6 months of free internet access.

Here are what some people said about this amazing opportunity:

“I can do my university work and catch up to my deadline. It helps with cost of living, helps brings down your phone bill and for the people that don’t have internet at home this has been a lifesaver.”

“For the people that don’t have internet at home this has been a lifesaver”

“It makes me feel like everyone else, socialising and shopping.” Some online users have also commented:

“Libraries are flat out awesome”

“If I was unemployed and struggling to pay my bills, this could make a major difference to my living costs and ability to apply for jobs.”

Digital Drop Ins

Want to improve your digital skills?

Visit our directory to find local digital skills workshops which can help you apply for jobs, work on your CV, fill in forms online and more. Many of these are hosted in our libraries by dedicated staff.

Just pop in your postcode and find a local drop-in session!

Voter ID help in Libraries

Libraries across Manchester are helping people get access to vote!

If you don’t have a photo ID or are unsure if your photo matches your current look, head down to a library where we can help you get a Voter Authority Certificate.

Need a Voter Authority Certificate? Find out how we can help you.

Free Wi-Fi and Computer Access

Libraries will continue to support with free Wi-Fi and computer access!

If you need help getting onto the computers, or using the internet, please just ask a member of staff for help.