Gorton Library, located in the new Gorton Hub, is the latest library in the city to benefit from the Council’s Open Plus scheme. Gorton Library’s opening hours will be extended for library users that are part of the Open Plus program. The Open plus scheme allows library users to access the library and library facilities out of normal staffed hours.

Residents can upgrade their library card to become an Open+ member for free. Library visitors simply need to sign an agreement to show that they will respect the library and, they will then receive a session on how the out-of-hour library service works.

The new Gorton Library opened in Gorton Hub in November 2022. In December Gorton Library’s visits increased by 88% and it became the 7th most visited library in the city. The additional hours will enable even more library users, old and new, to access the library for longer and at the time that suits them best. In tandem with this, between its reopening and the end of February 650 new library members registered to Gorton library.

Gorton Library is now open to Open plus members during the extended opening hours:

  • Monday 8am-10am and 5pm-8pm,
  • Tuesday 8am-1pm,
  • Wednesday 8am-8pm,
  • Thursday 8am-10am
  • Friday 8am-1pm
  • Saturday 9am-10am.

By extending the opening hours of the library the Council hope that more people will be encouraged to use the library and its wide range of facilities.

Becoming a member of the library is free, for more information please visit: https://www.manchester.gov.uk/libraries