Manchester is aiming to be a UNICEF Child-Friendly City!

Manchester is now a candidate city on the UNICEF UK Child Friendly Cities & Communities is a UK Committee for UNICEF programme that works with councils to put children’s rights into practice. The programme aims to create cities and communities in the UK where all children – whether they are living in care, using a children’s centre, or visiting their local library – have a meaningful say in, and truly benefit from, the local decisions, services and spaces that shape their lives.  

What’s a Child-Friendly City? A Child-Friendly City looks after the needs of its children and young people.

Are you 11-18? Or 11-25. If you have additional needs? We want to hear from you to find out:

  • What’s important to you?
  • What you like and don’t like about Manchester?
  • What you would do to make Manchester a better place?
  • What you know about children’s rights?

Please complete the survey here.

Here is an easy read version that is suitable for younger children or any child or young person who would find this version more accessible.  

If you want to ask anything about child friendly city, please email: