Manchester Libraries is in the lovely position of celebrating Lesley Gover’s 50th year of being a staff member. Lesley started work on August 6, 1973. Lesley worked in the old East Area that covered Openshaw, Longsight, Miles Platting, Newton Heath, Beswick & Clayton. Lesley worked much of her earlier career in the former Gorton Library at Cambert Lane. In those days Dug the porter used to go out and knock on doors of the people who hadn’t returned their books…imagine! Lesley has worked in all 3 of the Gorton Libraries incarnations, so she’s truly been part of the Gorton Library Family.

Lesley had this to say about her work. ‘I never thought I would work for 50 years, until the retirement age was changed. Over time I have worked with a great bunch of people and met a very diverse public. I have enjoyed it very much.’

Lesley has been responsible for some amazing unique and crafty displays in our libraries. She has created amazing paper sculptures that have supported our book displays.

If you are a parent/carer or have younger children in your life that you bring to the library, you might have come across our Bookstart Bear ….shhhh… don’t tell the kids but there’s a good chance it’ll have been Lesley in that hot suit!

It’s been a pleasure and a joy to work alongside Lesley. Thank you for everything Lesley, we look forward to continue working with you in the future.