It was with mixed emotions that colleagues of the very lovely Sue Moores said their ”goodbyes” and “all the best, we’ve loved working with you!”. After an amazing 44 years of service working in libraries, Sue is retiring on 31st August from her role as an Area Manager for Manchester Libraries. 

Sue is, and will always be, passionate about people and the quality of their lives. This has been a driving force in how she has approached her roles within Manchester City Council, always striving to create the best for Manchester residents. 

Sue started worked on Monday 2 July 1979, when she was only 15. She reported to Shakespeare Hall at Central Library, only to be sent to Longsight Library on the 192 bus, using her under 16 bus pass, for what was to become a very long stay. 

As part of his leaving speech about her, Head of Libraries, Galleries, Culture and Youth Services – Neil MacInnes – dug out her old interview notes which had the following comments:  

  • “Ash blonde/leather jacket – gave full thoughtful answers. A mature intelligent approach”. 
  • “Personality – talkative” So not much has changed there!  

Her application stated “I would hope to have a career in a large library. This would enable me to mix with the general public and I like to work with people. Working with people brings variety to the job and can be satisfying”.  

Sue’s probation report says ”she enjoys working in the small branches with the brown issue* and is not convinced that computerisation is very good except in time saving”. Such a great statement given that Sue went on to open the transformed Longsight Library in 2010 with the first use in Manchester of library automation in the form of RFID (self issue machines, that all our libraries now host, allowing customers to issue their own books, avoiding queues). 

Sue became a Senior Library Assistant in 1985 at Levenshulme Library and then Chief Library Assistant in 1989. 1992 saw Sue become District Administrator for Central Area libraries. In 2004 she was appointed a job share role as Longsight Group Manager which consisted of Burnage, Gorton, Levenshulme & Longsight Libraries. In 2011 Sue became a Neighbourhood Manager, managing both libraries and parks, and led on the amazing transformation of Alexandra Park. In 2014, covering maternity leave, Sue and another colleague managed city-wide Parks. In 2016 she came back fully to libraries as the Area Manager for the Central Area libraries. 

Sue has been so loved by her colleagues. She has been a brilliant manager and her current team will miss her mightily! As will her colleagues across the city. One thing all of us are happy about though is that she will finally get unlimited time to do the things that she loves outside of work, spending time with her beautiful wee grandson, planning and growing her garden, catching up with friends for cuppas, trips away with her hubby, family and friends and … knowing Sue, undoubtedly taking on a pastoral role in her local community. 

*The brown issue system was when the book’s borrowing card was filed with the readers borrowing card