We’ve been looking at responses left on our survey machine at Manchester Central Library over the last 18 months. There are some great comments and really interesting responses.

Using a library really does make you feel better. 87% of customers reported that they felt happier after using the library.

Using a library really does help you know more. 71% of library customers learnt something during their visit.

These are the responses from some of the 1.5 million visits to Central Library over the last year and a half. Customers left a whole range of comments saying how much they valued the library. This includes:

“Lovely place indeed. One word: absolutely splendid!”

“Visiting Manchester from Essex for the first time. LOVED THE LIBRARY!!! What a brilliant, brilliant place. Just gutted it’s not on MY doorstep”

“I am from Ukraine. I like your coffee and your atmosphere. Thank you!”

“Great library, good staff and a wonderful asset to the city.”

“I loved the books because they are full of adventure. I liked the seats in the kids section there very comfy and nice.”

We asked everyone what would improve the library and most people said that no improvements could be made. Here are a couple of comments from people who wrote suggestions:

“A bigger prayer room” . We have now moved the room to a bigger space in the Lower Ground floor of the library in Feb 2023″

“I have no improvements, but I would like more interactive things and speaking things” – In February 2023 we installed a large sound archives interactive in the Archives+ section, which is a fun way to learn about the sounds of Greater Manchester and the North West”.

Thank you to all our customers who have completed this survey, told us how much they value the library and the positive affect it has on them, and helped us to make our services even better.